Month: August 2015


One of the newer projects I have been working on is getting my embroidery machine up and running.  I’ve had a domestic embroidery machine (a Brother 750e) for a few years now, but admittedly, I’ve not done a whole lot with it! I had a play at first, then shoved it in a corner when i started getting a bit confused over the plethora of stabilising fabrics, which types of threads were okay, which often ended up snapping or leaving a large amount of pilling in the machine parts and clogging them up… and I was, at times, rather busy doing corset orders to be able to sit down and learn… however! I decided to try and make time, and I have started! Once I feel confident in that I have mastered the basics, its certainly an additional feature I plan to incorporate into my corsetry! think of the limitless possibilities! I may (if I figure it out!) learn how to make my very own unique lace pieces… I could have lace in ANY colour I choose and I wouldn’t be stuck to offering the very limited range often found in craft stores/online (i.e. black, white, cream with bits of navy or red here & there if you’re lucky!) fancy a bit of Orange lace? heck why not, How about some Lime green lace? hell yes! Shocking neon pink lace? you betcha!

So to start with, ive made a few practice pieces of embroidery using designs by Urban Threads, now dont worry! ive checked their licensing requirements and confirmed that essentially the good folks over there will let you use their designs on ANYTHING! whether its personal or stuff to sell on, those cool guys are fine (so long as you dont sell on the actual templates in their ‘raw’ form – that’s not cool.)  Anyone who doesn’t know who Urban Threads are should check them out, be warned, they are gorgeous! and you can also download the templates for hand embroidery too if you dont have a machine. so any and all of those cool and frankly beautiful designs could be included in your next corset order!

Here are the designs I’ve done so far, and i will likely make these up into sample cinchers to go in the shop at some point, and ill add more pictures as I complete them.    11896028_746573308804267_6980709440605913691_n11889488_10153485905352254_5834758306254639429_n


Whist ive not posted in a while (smack my hands!) I have been very busy behind the scenes, some of you might know that I used to run a separate WordPress blog, well, this has now been merged into my new website (which is here, of course!) Now that everything is in one place, I can do updates, keep you informed of sale items and show examples of my work ALL IN ONE PLACE! which is pretty ace! and I do have some samples that will be ready to take pictures of and advertise on here at a discounted price.  keep your eyes peeled!