We’ve recently bought an embroidery machine, and we are currently learning how to use the different templates, stabilisers and such, we’re having lots of fun learning at the moment and we hope to be able to offer customised embroidery on our corsets soon! if all goes well, we may offer the following services:

  • Other Corsetieres & Costumiers
  • Other Dressmakers
  • Individuals wanting to customise a dress/skirt etc
  • Business Logo’s for shirts/jackets (small numbers only)
  • Patches & Badges for MCC’s
  • Badges for small sports/recreational groups & clubs

We’re just starting out on this particular area, but as you can see these two skull designs (we used designs from Urban Threads here) there’s some rather awesome ideas in the pipeline!So, if all goes well, this service will be up and running soon, so keep your eyes peeled for further updates on this project!