TV110 Corset by Truly Victorian


  • Value for money:    5/5

The TV110 corset retails at $13 (around £9) which is average for a corset pattern and can be purchased directly from their website: Truly Victorian.  There are cheaper ones available, but the value of this pattern also comes from the sizing/shape, so in my view it is worth paying a little more for the TV110, than say, the Simplicity Historical Corset pattern which is notorious for its fitting issues.  Patterns are sent via the mail and there is currently no electronic download facility for instant pattern access.  Truly Victorian runs on a Licensing system (honour system) which asks for a maximum of 10 uses of the pattern, after which you can ask them to extend the license.

  • Ease of use:   5/5

The TV110 is a good starter pattern, it’s easy to use, the pattern is computer generated, which allows for clear lines, and is also multisized so you have the ability to use the sizing guide to grade between sizes with relative ease.  Truly Victorian patterns come from original patterns, are also sized to account for the more modern shape, it goes from an A cup up to a DD cup, and from 19” up to a 45” corseted waist. Of course, it can be graded up or down further if you wish.
The pattern comes on one very large sheet of paper (A0) which can be a little cumbersome and makes it difficult to store away. You could, if you wished, trace each piece on separate sheet of paper. The pattern is easily traceable and the pattern markings well defined.

The corset went together easily and the instructions were clear, it is a recommended pattern for those new to corset making.  There are no added ‘complications’ such as hip or bust gores/gussets.  There is a seam allowance included in the pattern, which although not stated, is the usual  5/8” (15mm or 1.5cm)

  • Shaping & fit:    5/5

The TV110 provides an excellent fit.  The corset is a ‘mid-bust’ so it comes straight across the full bust (just covering the nipple area) and due to this it may not provide all the coverage needed to be worn alone, but this is easily rectified by extending the pattern up.

The shaping is very good, due to the fact that it has already been modified for the more modern figure.

  • Conclusion & thoughts

Great f10984580_648330525295213_1420073319642023010_oor newcomers to corsetry due to the easy to follow instructions, Great for historical accuracy but with allowances for the modern figure.  The pattern is good value for money,the fit is also spot on. This is a pattern I come back to again and again when I’m trying out a new fabric or technique because I know I don’t have to mess around with the pattern itself.

The only real negative I could find with this pattern was the fact there was no facility for instant download, and with it coming from the USA, mailing times do vary, My pattern took around 7 days to arrive to the UK.
EDIT: There are now some UK suppliers of this pattern so it is even more accessible!