Welcome to our new blog!

Well, what can i say! I’d be lying if I said this was my first blog, there have been others, but they have been more along the rambling, ad-hoc type postings that chartered my first footsteps into the world corset making, with other randomness thrown in for good measure.  This new one, is specifically for my brand, Curvitude Corsetry.

Now, I must stress that although this is aimed mainly at my fledgling business, there will still be big slashes of my trademark humour, sarcasm and general bonkers attitude, it wouldn’t be me otherwise! I’ll never pretend to be something other than what I am! There will be glamorous images, some posh and descriptive wording, but really, dont be surprised if there’s some zany and odd posts on here too!

I’m hardly going to portray an image of an immaculately manicured and dressed lady smelling of Lily of the Valley who has Bach gently playing in the background, whilst sewing corsetry for a client (It kinda happens… occasionally… ?!) When the real image is me, in sweatpants, with no make-up on, swearing under my breath after whacking my thumb with a hammer whilst setting eyelets, whilst a heavy/black/classic metal CD grunts away in the background (Most likely of scenarios) It makes me relevant and edgy… or something.

Here on this blog im going to treat you to a more ‘Behind the Scenes’ experience, client pictures, stories, maybe a few info-articles, links to video’s and step-by-step project insights – I often do these if im tackling a new type of corset design, it not only helps me to vent (as we all need to occasionally!) but helps to chart progress, and give prospective clients an idea of how the different corsetry shaping and designs will REALLY look.

Anyway, enough of my rambling introduction!